Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Skirt Challenge

Here is a simple- so-so-sew simple way to turn a dress jumper into a cute skirt.

I bought this dress at a second hand store this past summer. I loved the bright-cheerful color and the playful pattern of the dress. (They are butterflies)

I also liked the A-line style of the dress... and the hidden zipper in the back. (This wont be just another elastic waist band skirt)

MAJOR problems with the dress:
1. I don't like the bust flaps. (and just between us-- I never can fill those kind of things out.)
2. I am not fond of this style dress. (Especially at my age)

So - to make my jumper/dress into a cute/ modest length skirt...
I simply cut those bust flaps off.

I didn't even take the dress off my body while I did it.

BUT- I recommend you take it off- while altering.

Then the raw cut edge- I turned down.
(I DID take it off at this point-- and I was super careful NOT to loose the zipper while taking it off.)

So I turned the raw edges over and used my sewing machine to sew a straight line. Starting at the zipper area.. sewing all around the waist area and back to the zipper area.

You are done.
One cute skirt- ready to wear.

It is kinda hard to take pictures of myself..
But here I am at my sons soccer practice...

I love that the skirt is just casual and fun- I can just wear a T-shirt and slippers
and stay cool.

If you make a skirt from a dress- be sure to send a link to your blog so we can see how you did!

or- you can email pictures to
Laurabethblum(at)yahoo(dot)com and we'll all be inspired by your creation!

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